4 Reasons and Excuses Women Will Give You For Not Calling or Texting Back……

Reasons and Excuses Women Will Give You For Not Calling or Texting Back

1. She Doesn’t Have Her Phone Let’s be real here – we now live in an age where even third world countries are glued to their cell phones 24 hours a day! I RARELY, and I mean RARELY ever see a woman who
doesn’t have her phone glued to her hand.
99% of women ARE INDEED getting your calls and text messages – or at least they’re aware of you trying to contact them.
When she won’t call or text you back, rest assured it’s NOT because she doesn’t have her cell phone.
Most women would lose their freakin’ minds and go insane if they had to live without their cell phones for a week.

2. She’s ALWAYS Busy
Sure we know that YES some women do get busy. BUT they still take the time to return calls and text messages. VERY few women are actually SO BUSY that they literally
can’t look at their phone and take 5 seconds to text or call back.
This is just another lame excuse to wiggle out of her real reason she’s not calling or texting you back.

3. She Hasn’t Been Feeling Well I personally know that when women aren’t feeling well,
that’s when they curl up in bed or on the couch and their cell phone is their teddy bear. They play on Facebook, text
all their friends, etc.
Not feeling well us usually the PERFECT time to get back to a guy she’s interested in.
If she doesn’t get back to you, then you might know what that REALLY means…

4. “It’s Not You, It’s Me” Ah! And finally the age old excuse for women wiggling their
way out of an awkward situation…
“It’s not you. It’s me…”
Let me translate that for you if you don’t understand what it means: IT IS YOU.
That’s exactly what it means, you’re the problem! She’s just trying to have her cake and eat it too by sparing your feelings and getting rid of you at the same exact time.
I know that’s not what you’re wanting to hear man but I’m here to give you dose of reality, not blow smoke up your ass.
That’s not what friends do!

The reality of it all is that when a woman really is truly attracted to you and interested in you, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT is happening in her life, SHE WILL FIND THE TIME to get back to you. When women like and want something, THEY GO
AFTER IT! So when she won’t get back to you, it’s best to swallow that harsh pill of reality and MOVE ON. Don’t waste anymore of her time and DEFINITELY don’t waste your time on a woman who isn’t even interested.
AND IF she asks you to stop calling and texting her, SHE USUALLY MEANS IT! Otherwise, it’s called stalking and
that’ll bump you up to a whole new level of being a creepy guy!
Overall, life is too short for silly games and B.S. reasons why she lacks the common courtesy to get back to you. Her real reasons really don’t matter. All that matters is she’s not calling or texting you back. Those are the facts. Speculation doesn’t make the situation any different or
change the outcome whatsoever.
So don’t take none of it personally or too hard. There’s tons of women in the world and you’ll definitely find one who makes it obvious that you are worth her time.
Thanks for reading……


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