Harrysong Releases New Promo Photos

Five Star Music artiste Harrysong has released new promo photos of himself.

The singer who showed off different looks for this photoshoot was photographed by TCD.

See more photos below.






Beyonce Sparks Pregnancy Rumours After Stepping Out With Jay Z

Beyonce stepped out with Jay Z for dinner in an oversied coat. These photos sparked pregnancy rumours.

Rumours have it that Beyonce who don’t want the world to know that she’s pregnant is expecting her second child with Jay.



5 signs to show She’s Cheating!!

Though it could just be anxiety or worries you should push aside, when you get a hunch that your girlfriend is straying, it’s hard to shake it.
Regardless of how long you’ve been together or how often she swears up and down that nothing is going on, there may be hidden signs to clue you in to her real intentions.
These aren’t scientifically proven, but experts agree on these indicators that you should heed when in doubt about your lady’s love:

1)She Keeps To Herself

She could be busy with juggling work schedules, making it to yoga class and seeing her girlfriends —
but if she’s not telling you about her day, there’s a chance she’s telling someone else. Laurel House, dating coach and author says if she isn’t discussing her frustrations, highs and lows, you have reason to fret. “Do you feel like you’re just getting the ‘need to
know’ information without getting into how
something made her feel?” House asks. If so, she might be leaning on another guy.

2)She’s Not As Open Let’s be real: women are typically more open about their feelings than men are. It’s when you’re able to
open up to a special girl that you feel connected to. her, and when she opens up in return, your relationship really starts to grow. However, if she’s quiet and hardly ever upset, she might be emotionally cheating with someone else. Why?
Because unlike men, women cheat emotionally before they take it to the physical level, experts say.
“An emotional affair can actually be more
dangerous than the typical male affair,” House says. She’s Hiding Her Phone
When she’s doing something she knows she
shouldn’t, it’s likely she’ll feel guilty about it. You might notice that instead of spending time scrolling through Instagram on the couch with you, she put her phone in the other room. She probably doesn’t want to risk you looking over and catching her in
the act. “Women may hide text messages, email exchanges, and phone calls with a ‘good friend,’” House says. “He could start off as just a friend, but it could also be progressing into more.

3)She’s Light On Details

She’s always had that monthly wine and supper club with her girls, and a few times a month when they hit the town, but now there’s a book club? And they’re taking yoga, too? She could be needing more friendship time in her life, or she’s seeing
someone on the side. The key here, House says, is to pay attention to what she says when she sees you after those nights. “Instead of coming home and filling you in on all the details and gossip she learned while out with the girls, she is cagey and
not forthcoming about what they did or talked about.”

4)She’s Never In The Mood
Even if you’ve always been the initiator of sex in your relationship, if you can’t remember the last time you had sex – and she doesn’t seem too concerned to change it – than you might have validation to be suspect. Sex expert and author, Dr.
Kat Van Kirk says that when your partner wants significantly less sex or physical contact, it’s a sign their interests lie elsewhere.

5)She’s Had A Drastic Makeover

Though everyone switches up their wardrobe or gets a new haircut from time-to-time, if your lady has lost a lot of weight, is overly concerned with her looks or has completely changed her style, she
could be preparing for a new relationship. Van Kirk says women often reinvent themselves outwardly when they’re feeling the need for change inwardly,
so if she’s being antsy, you might have reason to be, too.

6) She Thinks You’re Insecure
Though it was her choice to stray if she did, women sometimes cheat when they feel like they’re partner is being too clingy or accusing them of being interested in someone else. It’s almost like a self- fulfilling prophecy, House says. “Unless you truly do want her to see you through your tainted glasses, don’t point out your insecurities and physical
flaws,” she suggests. “If you constantly question if you are good enough for her, she might start to wonder the same thing… and look for something better.”

I hope this article help some1 out there!!

4 Reasons Why Your Relationships Fail…

When you’re 80 years old and facing the end of your long life — a life hopefully well-lived what will have been the biggest predictor of whether you would flourish throughout
your life or not? A hint: It’s not money, physical or mental health or social support. It’s about one highly-significant variable. The probability of a happy life can be boiled down to this: the quality of your relationships. With so much at stake regarding relationships, it’s worth considering a few common ways we hijack the very thing we need the most.

1) You think your happiness is dependent on someone else.

We often think that if we can change another person’s response to us or how they relate to us, then we will be
happier or more fulfilled. We say, “If you will change your behavior or condition, then as I observe it, I will feel better.” In other words, we give others the responsibility for how we
feel. You are only responsible for you. The road to better relationships always starts with you. Rather than attempt to control another person, work on becoming a better version of yourself. Healthier relationships will then come to you as a result.

2)You either don’t know or don’t accept who you really are and look for external validation.

When we are unhappy with ourselves, we look to others to fill in the gaps of our fluctuating sense of self. When I was 20, I craved people telling me how smart I was. I needed people to respect me and find me interesting. Popularity was a badge of worth even if fabricated that I could use to validate what I needed to believe about myself. With a very shaky sense of who I really was, I would grab on to any low-hanging fruit that would give me a semblance of an identity. For a 20-year-old launching out of adolescence, this is completely normal.
Instead of spending time figuring out who we are our preferences, interests and hard-wired personality, we mold ourselves into a distorted version of who we truly are. We
change who we are because we think that our odds for love and acceptance will be greater. This could not be further from the truth. Be you, Be powerful and opinionated about ideas you’re passionate about. Be vulnerable with people you trust.
Express emotions. Be lighthearted and naive ask questions about topics you don’t understand. And don’t apologize for
your values. They are your guides.

3) You judge yourself, which leads to hyper-judgment toward others. What you judge most harshly in others is what you judge most harshly in yourself. Who do you criticize? Your husband? Boss? Mother?
What behaviors do you judge in others? Vanity? Shortsightedness? Lack of self-respect? How you answer these questions reveals a lot about how you regard yourself. It’s important to know that criticism and
judgment come from the same source: shame. Shame turned inward is self-criticism — turned outward it sits as a self-righteous judge of others. Judging others puts you in a one-up position with the illusory promise of power. We say, “Look at what an impatient mother you are as you
yell at your kids,” when we’re really saying to ourselves, “I find my own impatience intolerable.

4) You allow others to treat you with disrespect.

One of my favorite sayings is, “We teach others how to treat us.” You are in control of how others treat you. You decide what you will and won’t allow into your life. You are not a victim, but a co-creator with others in how your story plays out. When you allow others to abuse, demean or disrespect you, you collude with them in your own destruction.
And the best antidote to dealing with disrespect is to create and maintain boundaries. Boundaries serve as the force
field of self-respect that buffers you from the people that don’t have your best interests in mind. Boundaries nudge
you toward walking away when someone’s being an ass. They embolden you to firmly stand up for your values. They protect you when your personal worth is being challenged. Want a path to a life well-lived? Take time to nurture and savor your closest relationships. Famously said by a pioneer in positive psychology, “Happiness is love…

Recruitment: Guaranty Trust Bank

Guaranty Trust Bank Graduate Banker Recruitment 2016 Guaranty Trust Bank Plc – We are first and foremost, a Learning Organization. We understand that being an
employer of choice goes beyond the regular pay package. It involves listening, training, mentoring, a genuine concern for what people really care about, and acting upon them. In essence, it involves connecting to people’s hearts.
A career at GTBank offers you a chance to make a difference in your life and the lives of people in your immediate community. Throughout our history, we have continued to help our staff realize their dreams, whilst creating opportunities for them to fulfill their personal and professional potential.
We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Graduate Banker
Location: Lagos
Minimum of B.Sc Degree or H.N.D from a reputable institution.
Minimum of Second Class Lower Division from any discipline.
Must not be more than 30 years old.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their resume to: recruitment@gtbank.com
Note Use the job title as the subject of the mail.
Applicants are to submit only ONE application as multiple applications may result in disqualification.
Applicants will be responsible for applications submitted on any other Email address.
Only candidates residing in Lagos will be shortlisted and contacted for an interview (Application not complying with this instruction shall be disqualified.)
Application Deadline Date
22nd January, 2016.

Nigerian star Tekno Miles under fire for posing with Tanzanian video vixen

Nigerian star ,Tekno came under serious fire after a controversial Tanzanian model ,Gigi posted a couple of photos with intimate captions..Apparently, her reputation over there isn’t too good and they allege all. men who sleep with her die..So they kept flooding his page with insults,which are mostly in swahili..
After getting a friend to translate the insults,Tekno then apologised for posing with her, stressing it was his first visit to the country.

4 Reasons and Excuses Women Will Give You For Not Calling or Texting Back……

Reasons and Excuses Women Will Give You For Not Calling or Texting Back

1. She Doesn’t Have Her Phone Let’s be real here – we now live in an age where even third world countries are glued to their cell phones 24 hours a day! I RARELY, and I mean RARELY ever see a woman who
doesn’t have her phone glued to her hand.
99% of women ARE INDEED getting your calls and text messages – or at least they’re aware of you trying to contact them.
When she won’t call or text you back, rest assured it’s NOT because she doesn’t have her cell phone.
Most women would lose their freakin’ minds and go insane if they had to live without their cell phones for a week.

2. She’s ALWAYS Busy
Sure we know that YES some women do get busy. BUT they still take the time to return calls and text messages. VERY few women are actually SO BUSY that they literally
can’t look at their phone and take 5 seconds to text or call back.
This is just another lame excuse to wiggle out of her real reason she’s not calling or texting you back.

3. She Hasn’t Been Feeling Well I personally know that when women aren’t feeling well,
that’s when they curl up in bed or on the couch and their cell phone is their teddy bear. They play on Facebook, text
all their friends, etc.
Not feeling well us usually the PERFECT time to get back to a guy she’s interested in.
If she doesn’t get back to you, then you might know what that REALLY means…

4. “It’s Not You, It’s Me” Ah! And finally the age old excuse for women wiggling their
way out of an awkward situation…
“It’s not you. It’s me…”
Let me translate that for you if you don’t understand what it means: IT IS YOU.
That’s exactly what it means, you’re the problem! She’s just trying to have her cake and eat it too by sparing your feelings and getting rid of you at the same exact time.
I know that’s not what you’re wanting to hear man but I’m here to give you dose of reality, not blow smoke up your ass.
That’s not what friends do!

The reality of it all is that when a woman really is truly attracted to you and interested in you, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT is happening in her life, SHE WILL FIND THE TIME to get back to you. When women like and want something, THEY GO
AFTER IT! So when she won’t get back to you, it’s best to swallow that harsh pill of reality and MOVE ON. Don’t waste anymore of her time and DEFINITELY don’t waste your time on a woman who isn’t even interested.
AND IF she asks you to stop calling and texting her, SHE USUALLY MEANS IT! Otherwise, it’s called stalking and
that’ll bump you up to a whole new level of being a creepy guy!
Overall, life is too short for silly games and B.S. reasons why she lacks the common courtesy to get back to you. Her real reasons really don’t matter. All that matters is she’s not calling or texting you back. Those are the facts. Speculation doesn’t make the situation any different or
change the outcome whatsoever.
So don’t take none of it personally or too hard. There’s tons of women in the world and you’ll definitely find one who makes it obvious that you are worth her time.
Thanks for reading……