The Nigerian Writers Awards (NWA) is a project which is set to reward excellence, encourage and create a synergy between budding and established writers in Nigeria and to brand the Nation positively through the skills of writing using the media more so to celebrate Nigerian Writers.
The Award ceremony is a yearly event and the first-of-its-kind awards for all writers of different genres in Nigeria to come together and celebrate their successes over the year. This is a platform to recognize and commend those who have done well in different fields of writing and have contributed to the upliftment of the society.

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In other news am a writer too (with a fat smiley face). though i may not be part of the esteemed nominees of 2015 but will one day be in the world writers award. for the lord is my witnessed.

working on my writing page presently,and will be glad to post out here first so we can all kick in knowledge


Wole Soyinka Throws shot at obasanjo

Wole Soyinka and Olusegun Obasanjo are far from being friends and in a new encounter between these two, Wole Soyinka has referred to the former President of Nigeria, Obasanjo has being “A Nuisance We Must Endure”. The Nobel prize winner further referred to OBJ as an overgrown child of circumstance.
Wole Soyinka said all this in his new book with the title: “Interventions:
Between Defective Memory and the Public Lie – A Personal Odyssey in the Republic of Liars”. Wole Soyinka said this about OBJ: “I brainstormed with him over meals
both when he was military Head of State – in Dodan Barracks and in his
home, Ota – for some time after he left office and early in Aso Rock at
his ‘second coming.’ Today, it is a different situation. If he offered to
host me, I would wait until he had first swallowed a morsel from the
same dish.” He continued by saying:-
“I had fully attuned myself to the fact that our Owu retiree soldier and prolific author is an infliction that those of us who share the same era and nation space must learn to endure. However, it does appear to me
that there is no end to this individual’s capacity for infantile mischief,
and for needless, mind-boggling provocations, such as his recent
‘literary’ intrusion on my peace.”
“Our author invokes God tirelessly, without provocation, without necessity and without justification, perhaps preemptively, but does he really believe in such an entity? Does our home-bred Double-O-Seven believe in anything outside his own Omnipotence?”
“Could he possibly have mistaken the Christian exhortation – ‘Watch
and Pray’ – for his own private inclination to ‘Watch and Prey? This is a seasoned predator on others’ achievements. He preys on their names, their characters, their motivations, their true lives; preys on gossip and preys on contributions to collective undertakings – even preys on their
identities, substituting his own where possible.” Obasanjo was the first to throw shades as he wrote about Professor Wole
Soyinka in his recently published book “My Watch” saying that the world renowned author has no knowledge of politics and he should just place his focus on being a wine connoisseur.

Poem: Love is Sinzu ( By Official_Teety)


I try as much as possible not to question my negative thoughts why am I still with you till now? but i love to break the odds every ten thousand times cause I can’t lie so I don’t know why:

I always allow the thoughts to slightly torture my innocent soul like the sharp wind of cold that come into my heart through the grungy broken windows!
Now I believe it’s God and your pure Heart and soul! Not your body.

So I always say a prayer in another awkward form “What Doesn’t Kills You Elevates you”


If Your Man Does These 9 Things, MARRY HIM

Being that there are so many lists that talk about signs that a dude needs to wife his girl up, we thought we’d do things
a little differently. So ladies, listen up! If you’re dying to know just what you need to do to reel that hunk into the marital boat, you should probably take a few notes and get that engagement chicken cooking.
Even though some of these may seem a bit
unconventional (since when is fighting a GOOD thing, right?!) in nature, they’re completely foolproof. So ladies, if
you’re on the fence about whether your man
is marriage material, these will surely put your doubts to rest.

1. He complains. Yes, Really!
Yes, Really! Let’s be clear: If your guy complains about doing chores, but does them anyway, that shows just how much he loves you. Honestly, it barely counts if he likes doing it. There’s a certain
beauty in that logic.

2. He argues with you. But you both get over it. Alright, hear us out on this one. What could be better than having full blown make-up s3x? Exactly.

3. He isn’t obsessed with social media.
It’s borderline impossible to become addicted to online porn if he rarely uses the computer. Also, he’s even more of a keeper if he doesn’t constantly post Facebook statuses on the daily that update you on what he had for lunch and. just how beautiful the sky is.

4. He’ll cry but isn’t a crier.
There are a handful of times that a man is allowed to cry: when his foot is caught in bear trap, traumatic world events, reciting to the “Star Spangled Banner” or listening to “Cat’s In The Cradle.”

5. He knows how to clean up!
Owning a tuxedo proves a couple of things about a guy: A. He doesn’t mind going to a black tie event. B. He makes sound financial decisions—after all, a tux pays
for itself around four rentals.
C. He plans on staying about the same size for the foreseeable future.

6. His pearly whites are ON POINT.
A guy who hits the dentist on the regular has nice teeth (and probably OK breath). Also, he most likely takes care of
himself to some degree. But be careful if he’s too obsessed with dental hygiene. No
one wants to be blinded by Mr. Shiny Teeth all of the time.

7. He’s on good terms with his mom.
This one is a slippery slope. You want a guy who has a good relationship with his mom but isn’t too close. This will save
you a number of instances of accidentally being called “mom”.
Which is the WORST.

8. He understands that naps equal the best things since sliced bread. One of the most important things in life is sleep. It’s a fact
proven by a scientist somewhere, we’re sure. And if he can sleep like a narcoleptic ninja, that increases your chances
of doing the same.

9. He’s seen The Notebook.
That movie was…terrible. But if he’s willing to sit through it and not check his phone too many times, he’s definitely a keeper, hands down. If he’s seen it multiple times…he may
be a crier. I would say to snap that boyfriend up if he’s handsome, rich and has a great sense of humor, but there is only one
Jimmy Fallon.


Monalisa Chinda Talks Beef With Rita Dominic


In a recent interview with Saturday Beats, Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda talked about her beef with Rita Dominic.

Monalisa said she’s not at war with Rita and she explained what happened.

According to Monalisa, “Rita Dominic and I are not at loggerheads. We just drifted apart and she is still my sister. We went to the same school. I do not think that anybody should have a permanent enemy or a permanent friend. As you grow up in this big industry, your interests start to differ and that is just what happened.”