Apapa ‘Area Boys’ Extort D’Banj And Slash His Tyres Over ‘Settlement’


Trouble began for him last Saturday, at Tin Can Port, Lagos, when he showed up for a video shoot – ‘The King is Here’ in a Toyota RAV 4. As soon as the area boys identified him, about 50 of them laid siege on him.They demanded that D’Banj ‘settle’ them with money and his tyres were slashed. Leaving him with no choice, they all escorted him as he walked to the nearest ATM to withdraw money and give to the area boys who held him hostage.

Even after he gave them money, his wristwatch, jewelry and shoes were all taken by the area boys. The ‘Confidential’ crooner only got breathing space when Policemen arrived on the scene and rescued him from the hoodlums.

An eyewitness recalled the experience thus: “I’m so excited, D’banj came to Tin Can Island to shoot a video and guys saw him. They burst his tires and held him hostage. He had to embrace every one of them and later he took them to an ATM where he withdrew some cash for them and shared among them. I love D’Banj; it’s good to be a star.”

After this incident, we are sure D’banj has learnt that a celebrity of his calibre can’t just waltz into any area of Lagos and not expect to be mobbed by hoodlums.


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