Nicki Minaj & Ex Boyfriend Samuels Safaree Blasts Each Other on Twitter

Since the two lovebirds separated things have not been going fine with them. Nicki Minaj once revealed in an interview on how she missed him and the relationship was not just an ordinary relationship because they have been together for 15years. Nicki deleted her tweets after the mess. Read her tweet below:

“Anything you don’t appreciate will be taken. God sees your ungrateful evil soul. I gave and gave and gave. Threatening me? Blackmail? Jump.”

“Even when I try to protect ppl, they still try to take advantage of me. Haven’t u learned that God is in control? Stop while you’re ahead”
“30K watch the night my cousin was killed on the street like a dog. More than rappers. But it was never enough. Don’t make me. Too much love”
“NO ONE PUTS FEAR IN MY HEART!!!! Cuz I know God is real!!!! He’s seen me be loyal to the point ppl said I was stupid. So dig ur GRAVE!”
“Wanted fame. I gave u my blessing. I still love. I still love. I still love. I’ll always love. So disappointed.”
“Told u it was the wrong move. I sheltered and protected u for years. Loyal for years. Come on. Selling vids? Cuz I’m happy now? Disgusting”

“Add up them chains watches bracelets rings cars bikes trex’s babe. Stop spending money to floss on IG. that doesn’t last. Love lasts.”

Samuels Safaree also revealed that breaking up with Nicki made him emotional wrecked.

Yesterday, Nicki and Samuels blasted each other on Twitter. According to the Young Money rapper, she said her ex was trying to leak some tapes which we know it’s se.x tape. Also she said her ex boyfriend is very ungrateful and he wanted fame by all means.

Safaree took to Twitter to hit back at Nicki and spit out his own words. Read below:


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