Advice on How to build a Strong and Lasting Relationship:

My Name Is Adewale Bangin Oluwafocus. I wrote the story #ohunayo not because I wanted to come up with a wedding song. But i got a divine inspiration for it to appreciate many couples that went through many ups and down before getting married. Let me start this way by sharing little about my own understand on how a strong relationship that will lead to build a relationship that may lead you to a successful marriage. If you look out this days, you will find out we have few marriages that ends up well. The reasons behind it is that many of us failed to plan before going in to something’s we don’t even have the experience or idea about. And the word says: you can’t do it wrong and get it right. So what’s the problem? Let me start by using BUILDING as an example. Before you build a house, the first thing should be the foundation. Am I right? Same thing applies to marriage. Friendship should be the foundation, and getting to know each other well. let’s apply this on building a relationship that will lead to marriage. To me I call Friendship the landlord, while Understanding is the Landlady, and I call LOVE a Tenant. Let me explain this better. Friendship will bring in Understanding, Feelings will come in, the Love. Now let me break it down fully. No matter how strong your marriage/relationship is, there will always be issues. Then when there is fight/misunderstanding/problems, Love will find his way out of the house, cos he doesn’t have the mind stand the heat for long. Understanding and feeling will lock their doors. The only thing that will suffer the whole mess will be Friendship. Cos he will always be there, come rain, come sun. Now after the whole Saga, friendship will bring you both back again, and once Love sees that the house is now back in order, he will find his way back in. Then feelings and understanding will now open their doors again. You can’t jump higher without going down low. Suffer for it now and enjoy it forever. Friendship is the key to every relationship that will lead you to a successful marriage. And don’t forget to check out for the video of  #Ohunayo.

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