Trey Songz Reportedly Breaks a Female Fan Phone For Taking a Picture

According to new report, singer Trey Songz doesn’t show much love to his fans and that he’s a rude guy.

The latest fan encounter ended with him stomping on a girls phone because she took a picture of him.

Bossip reported that, two girls were wishing Songz happy birthday and one of the girls took a picture of Trey hugging her friend. Once he saw the girl take the pic he reportedly went crazy.

“He goes, ‘What the f***, don’t take no f**** pictures of me b****!’

He takes the phone, walks away with it and starts deleting pics off the phone, I said ‘Whoa, whoa I get it. I’m sorry I should have asked first. My sister and I can help you delete it, just give me my phone back!’

At this point all of his entourage starts coming over there and they’re like, ‘Shorty, shorty he’s just drunk. He’s gonna do what he’s gonna do.’

Then he [Trey] goes, ‘The more you b****s keep talking s*** the more likely I am to throw this phone across the f***** parking lot!’

So then I looked to him and said, ‘Really?!’ and my sister said, ‘I can’t believe you’re acting like this! I was such a fan, I’m sorry I’ll delete the picture!’

He then takes the phone, throws it on the ground and he stomps on it several times.

The ladies were allegedly thrown out of the club by security and left with a phone with speaker issues and broken case.”


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