Angelina Jolie Involved In A Car Crash

Angelina Jolie was involved in a car crash on Sunday 30th November.

The actress was being chauffeured in a black SUV, when the driver lost control and the car slid and hit a kerb really hard, damaging two of the tyres.

An eye witness on the scene said: ‘The car slammed into the kerb at a significant speed. Angelina must have wondered if they hit another car. It was pretty bad – the tyre exploded and it’s amazing nothing worse happened to the car. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has whiplash.’

The 39 year-old actress was leaving the screening of her movie, Unbroken at the Writers’ Guild Theatre in Beverly Hills. She didn’t sustain any serious injuries from the accident as she was later seen being picked up by another driver from the same car service.



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