The Principles for Achieving Greatness in Anything. (Focus 2015)

The Principles for Achieving Greatness in Anything. (Focus 2015)

A reporter once asked Muhammad Ali how many sit ups he could do. The great boxer said he didn’t know. He only started counting when it started hurting.

This is the story I like to think about when I think about reaching greatness. Muhammad Ali is generally considered one of the greatest boxers of all time. Just by looking at this quote I can see why.

What made Muhammad Ali great is this ability to push past his limits so he could grow and become better.  That’s what it takes to reach greatness.  It means ignoring what you think is impossible to be the best.

So what qualities do you need to bring out your own greatness?

1. Intense dedication/obsessiveness

Those who are great at something become extremely dedicated to it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was so focused and determined to be a great bodybuilder that he used to break into a local gym when it was closed so he could train.

When he served in the Austrian army, which was compulsory for all 18-year-olds, he was put into military prison for about a week because he sneaked out to participate in the Junior Mr. Europe bodybuilding contest in Germany.

Arnold never stopped thinking about how to improve his performance as a bodybuilder.  With this determination, he would go on to win the top bodybuilder accolade, Mr. Olympia seven times.

It’s hard to see how he would have won without that intense dedication.

If you want to reach greatness, you have to think about it all the time. Think of different ways to improve yourself or different ways to reach your goals.

Start obsessing about it. Don’t focus on anything else.  As Michael Jordan once said, “In order to excel, you must be completely dedicated to your chosen sport.”

Reaching greatness isn’t easy. It takes a lot of dedication to get there. No matter what skill or ability you want to be become great in, you need perseverance and determination to see it all the way to the end.

2. Practice as much as you can

They say it takes 10,000 hours to be proficient in an activity. The only way to reach that number is to put in the time and effort. That means a lot of practice.

Even the best artists and athletes practice constantly.  For example, Michael Phelps trained six hours a day six days a week and consumed 12,000 calories every day.

No one gets a free pass on practice. It takes hours and hours to hone your skills.

There are a lot of people who think greatness comes from natural talent, but that’s not true.

Take Mozart for example. He was a musical genius who occasionally played for kings when was just a little boy.

You might think he was just born gifted.

Look closer and you’ll see all the practice that went into his musical ability. A lot of classical music fans consider one of his earliest and greatest works to be the Piano Concerto no. 9 which he composed when he was 21.

That’s such a young age to reach greatness. But by the time he composed that Concerto, he had been practicing and training for 18 years.

3. Work smarter AND harder

Arnold Schwarzenegger once gave a speech about his rules for success. One of those rules was to work your butt off. He said that while most people are goofing off, there are people who are working harder, getting better and becoming smarter.

He’s right. If you’re not working your butt off to become great, you’re losing ground to someone who is.

This isn’t the same as practicing; it’s about the intensity of your practice.  Working hard means pushing your skills to new levels and abilities.  It’s not about practicing the same things over and over again.

Working smarter is equally important to working harder. If you can find a quicker way to reach your goals and objectives, you’ll get a lot further in a shorter amount of time.

By working smarter, you’re making your hard work pay off more. Think of them working in conjunction with each other. Working smarter is like a catalyst giving you quicker results.

4. Measure everything

You need to measure your progress for two reasons:

• It tells you how well you’re doing
• It tells you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong

There’s a good reason sport teams measure so many statistics of their players. How else would they know what needs work?

In my personal experience, I can attest to why you need to measure your progress. I’m a weightlifter so gaining muscle is important.

For the longest time, I never measured how much I ate or how often I lifted weights at the gym.
That was a mistake.

I didn’t gain much progress.

Now I measure what I eat and how often I go the gym. That little difference has given me big results. Now I know what I’m doing wrong and what’s working. It makes it so much easier to correct mistakes and get to the next level.

5. Mental preparation/strength

I think we can all agree that reaching greatness is difficult. And it’s not just the hard work, countless hours of practice, time and dedication you need to get there.


Nicki Minaj & Ex Boyfriend Samuels Safaree Blasts Each Other on Twitter

Since the two lovebirds separated things have not been going fine with them. Nicki Minaj once revealed in an interview on how she missed him and the relationship was not just an ordinary relationship because they have been together for 15years. Nicki deleted her tweets after the mess. Read her tweet below:

“Anything you don’t appreciate will be taken. God sees your ungrateful evil soul. I gave and gave and gave. Threatening me? Blackmail? Jump.”

“Even when I try to protect ppl, they still try to take advantage of me. Haven’t u learned that God is in control? Stop while you’re ahead”
“30K watch the night my cousin was killed on the street like a dog. More than rappers. But it was never enough. Don’t make me. Too much love”
“NO ONE PUTS FEAR IN MY HEART!!!! Cuz I know God is real!!!! He’s seen me be loyal to the point ppl said I was stupid. So dig ur GRAVE!”
“Wanted fame. I gave u my blessing. I still love. I still love. I still love. I’ll always love. So disappointed.”
“Told u it was the wrong move. I sheltered and protected u for years. Loyal for years. Come on. Selling vids? Cuz I’m happy now? Disgusting”

“Add up them chains watches bracelets rings cars bikes trex’s babe. Stop spending money to floss on IG. that doesn’t last. Love lasts.”

Samuels Safaree also revealed that breaking up with Nicki made him emotional wrecked.

Yesterday, Nicki and Samuels blasted each other on Twitter. According to the Young Money rapper, she said her ex was trying to leak some tapes which we know it’s se.x tape. Also she said her ex boyfriend is very ungrateful and he wanted fame by all means.

Safaree took to Twitter to hit back at Nicki and spit out his own words. Read below:

Woman Claims to Have Been Sleeping with Wizkid for Months (PHOTO PROOF)

This is definitely The Story For Today! As an Anonymous Lady who Sent an Email to BellaNaija says She and Wizkid are seeing each other, and they recently had “An Adventurous Night” At Eko Hotel.

The Lady Further Claimed that she has been sleeping with Wizkid, and also wants Wizkid’s Girlfriend, Tania Omotayo to know this. She also has pictures as proof! Check Them Below.

Read her email below:

‘I’ve been seeing wizkid for a long time. He always invites me to Lagos. We had an adventurous night at eko hotel. Very intimate, we had drinks, cuddled, got down and dirty, and he spoiled me with holiday treats and gifts. I choose to stay anonymous so I am using a friends email addy to send dis in. You can see his starboy tattoo, his Rolex, his Porsche, and laptop. Please write dis on d post. ‘In my bed’ my baby Ayodeji. Me and Wizkid have been together for many months. I always have a lovely time wiv him in Lagos. @TaniaOmotayo, if he does this while u are in Lagos, imagine what we do when he comes to my city. He will nvr stop wanting my body in his bed. Lol. She should not disturb my life when I’m wiv my boo. Proof so she will not continue to deceive herself. We love ourselves. He picked me up in his Porsche, we stayed at eko, watched movies on his laptop. He loves to taste me so Tania, how do I taste on his lips?’

Here are the pictures she attached..

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Step Out In Matching Outfits

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Step Out In Matching Outfits
Just yesterday, there were reports the power couple have been fighting over Kanye’s decision to spend Christmas apart…

Well, they are very much together as they were spotted taking a stroll to the Gym…

Kim also went makeup free and she looks more beautiful au naturel…

Tayo Faniran Gets Customized Whiskey

The former BBA Hotshots, Tayo Faniran got an early Christmas gift, the customized whiskey was specially made for him and was given to him by James Whiskey company itself.

Tayo shared the pic of the whiskey and captioned it with:

“All the Way from @jamesonwhiskey Dublin Distillery Reserve.This bottle has been specially labelled for TAYO FANIRAN .. I’m dedicating this to all the #TeamTayo all over Africa . I love you all ❤️❤️”

Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals His Girlfriend Steals His CR7 Boxers All The Time

The Real Madrid and Portuguese player, Cristiano Ronaldo told Vogue in an exclusive chat that his girlfriend Irina Shayk is obsessed with his CR7 boxers that she steals them every time she gets the chance.

When asked about what his girlfriend steals, Ronaldo replied ”She steals my boxers all the time. She wasn’t in the house and I opened her wardrobe and there were many CR7 boxers. It is funny.”