Inspirational FM OAP Reveals She Has Had 18 Miscarriages

OAP of Inspiriation FM ,Yolanda George-David popularly known as Aunt Landa reveals how difficult it was for her to finally have a child after 18 miscarriages.

In an interview with Vera Wisdon Bassey the OAP shares intimate details about her personal life. The mother of one described the lowest moment of her life saying “Life has not been a bed of roses for me. The period I was waiting on God for the fruit of the womb, was one of the worst moments. On the last Saturday in 2012, to be precise, I was doing a show on miscarriage, while I had miscarriage the weekend of the crossover into the New Year. And I went on air and I said, “if you’ve just miscarried share it with me.” People were calling, saying, Aunt Lan da; you don’t know what it feels to mis carry. But they had no idea that I have just miscarried. But from that period, God picked up that lowest moment. It was low, but somehow, I found out in my val ley, that the moment I was able to speak to one person, I was able to pick myself up. To some people, when they are at their lowest moment they buy dresses for themselves, but for me, I look for people to help. I had 18 miscarriages before I eventually took in”

Yolanda also revealed that she had 97 men who wanted her hand in marriage before she finally chose her husband who is cardiologist. Aunt Landa and husband celebrated the 1st birthday of their son Jaron David on October 23, 2014.

Aunt Landa host her own show Being Real with Auntlanda is a 1hour counseling and empowerment talk-show aired every saturday, 1pm-2pm on 92.3Inspiration FM.


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