‘I just finished my first Nollywood movie’ —BBA Winner, Dillish Mathews Dives Into Nollywood

2013 BBA Winner, Dillish Mathews spoke to Vanguard newspaper in a recent interview.

She spoke at lenght about what she has been doing since Big Brother Africa 8 finished.

Read Excerpts from the interview below:

What happened after you became the winner of Big Brother Africa?

I’ve been travelling a lot since then. I just opened my salon, finished shooting my first movie then I recently launched my lip stick line. Visit http://www.vaultcosmetic.com, for more info.  In fact, I’ve been extremely busy, working and impacting lives positively since winning the crown.

How has your life transformed since then?

Things are way better now, I get lots of free stuff and more smiles from people. Sincerely, the love and support have been overwhelming and I hope and pray it continues to grow.

What can’t you do now; that you loved doing before BBA?

I can’t always say what I wanted to and I can’t really go to certain places anymore. Don’t forget that stardom has its own challenges too. The important thing is for one to adapt and make appropriate changes in line with your new status.

You seem to have fallen in love with Nigeria as a country; what are you doing here at the moment?

Oh, I love Nigeria, yes. I just finished my first Nollywood movie and hoping to do more jobs here in your country. It has been fun and cool working here in Nollywood. I love the warm reception here.

You did a fantastic video with Flavour; how were you contacted for that job?

They reached me through an ex housemate. I’m so happy they chose me for the job , and also I look forward to doing more jobs with Nigerian entertainers.

You were in a serious relationship with someone from your country before BBA; how far has that relationship gone? 

We are not together anymore, due to irreconcilable reasons. And I want to keep that issue private.

What’s the relationship between you and Melvin?

Melvin is my good friend. It was fun sharing the house with people like him.

The news making the rounds is that you are very close to some politicians in Nigeria; especially the Edo State governor?

Well, yes, I like his works, nothing else. He is now like a father to me. He had no idea who I was then and he has hosted so many pageants in Edo State, which was part of what attracted him to me.


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