Selena Gomez Dumped Justin Bieber Over Secret Friendship With Kendall Jenner?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are officially over once more and apparently this time their romance crashed and burned because of the singer’s friendship with Kendall Jenner. Everything was going so well until the couple hit Paris last week and after only 24 hours, Gomez flew out of the French city 24 hours early with a face like thunder.

According to reports the brunette was livid that Justin had gone to meet Kendall, who was modelling at Paris Fashion Week, as soon as they arrived in the city and were lapped enjoying a champagne dinner before attending Corine Roitfeld’s party together. Selena went too, but kept her distance and flew back to the US the day after.

Insiders claim Gomez fell out with the Jenner sisters, over their close relationship with Bieber earlier this year, so Justin’s very public date was a complete betrayal to her. “Selena was absolutely livid when she found out Justin had dinner with Kendall. He lied to her about it,” a source told InTouch Weekly.

“She was so angry that she changed her flight to come back to LA two days early and told him their relationship was over – again. She told Justin she wanted to have nothing to do with them,’” the source went on, “That meant he had to cut them off, too.”

“It turns out Justin has been texting Kendall the whole time and Paris wasn’t the first time they secretly had dinner together,” they added: “Justin admitted it and insists they’re just friends, but Selena doesn’t believe him, and they had a screaming match over it. She feels completely humiliated.”


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