Former BBA Housemate & Ghanaian Hot Babe To Lose Her Two Oranges Over Failure To Pay Plastic Surgeon

According to OMGGHANA, Confidence who is the owner of one of Ghana’s biggest and popular night clubs, Aphrodisiac Night Club is on the verge of losing her two oranges over failure to pay Dr Ron Boyds, the plastic surgeon who fixed her boobs.

OMGGhana reports Dr Boyds saying in a court papers available to the site,

I know she is somewhat famous because of her twins, but guess who gave them to her? It’s simple; I need my money.

I gave her 3 years to pay me. She has night clubs and is a very accomplished business woman.

The angry doctor decided to take the case to court after efforts to get her to pay his money fell on deaf ears. He is reported to have informed her that failure to settle the cost with will result in her breast implants being removed, and over GHC 8,000 ($3000) in court cost, paid by her.


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