We Were Just Joking, Vector Never Proposed To Me! Chidinma Wants The Rumours Stopped!

After misleading people last year that Vector proposed to her in a plane, when a photo of herself and vector spread across the internet like wild fire few minutes after the picture was uploaded online, Chidinma has come out to say the rapper never proposed to her in the first place, and it was all a publicity stunt as they both planned it. Now she wants people to stop spreading the false tale.

Lol, I guess her man somehow isn’t finding this funny any longer… Is Mr Right around the corner already? Lol

Her words;

“It was all planned out by Vector and I. It happened in a plane, when we were travelling to Abuja for an event, our flight was delayed so we started talking about funny rumours we’ve heard about ourselves

. One of the rumours was a picture of myself and Phyno which we took and uploaded on instagram. Then people started talking…She is dating that guy and all those stuffs.

Vector then came up with the idea to make people talk more, so that was why we decided make people feel that we are dating.

The ring he used was even brought out by my manager, so that was how we started taking those pictures. I want to state today that Vector never proposed to me.


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