Psquare -’We Used To Be Gamblers’

Psquare has made a startling confession, revealing the kind of life they used to live.

The pop duo, made up of twins named Peter and Paul Okoye, were guests on the ‘Midday show’ with Toolz on Beat Fm 99.9 yesterday and went on to reveal how rough they also had it before they became super stars.

In their unique rag to riches story, the twins explained that back in Jos, Peter used to be an apprentice who was learning how to become an electrician while Paul used to sell mangoes in school to make ends meet.

And as hustlers on the street, they went the way most young men in their situation would go: gambling. They were both chronic gamblers in the famous city of Jos before they decided to relocate to Lagos to pursue a career in music seeing that they were doing well in the area of dancing.

The brothers, now married and raising their own families, also announced a plan to move into separate homes in Ikoyi, Lagos before the year runs out.

At the moment, they currently stay together with their brothers at their ‘Squareville’ mansion at Omole Phase 1 in Lagos.


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