Man Stole $150k Diamond Ring And Traded It For $20 Bag Of Weed

Walter Earl Morrison, 20 year old, former airport worker is accused of stealing a diamond ring worth about $150,000 and he swapped it for just $20 worth of weed.

According to prosecutors, Wlater had been working for UPS at the Sky Harbor Airport Arizona when he alledgedly swiped a package and hid it under his shirt while loading a cargo onto a plane.

Prosecutors said he thought the parcel contained cash but instead found a diamond ring. Of course Walter didn’t know the value of the ring, so he took it to a marijuana dealer and bought himself $20 worth of weed in exchange for the ring.

The stolen item was traced back to him and he eventually confessed. He was immediately sacked by UPS and arrested for theft. Fortunately he was able to tell UPS and police who he sold the Diamond ring to. The ring was recovered and delivered to the intended customer while Walter is facing theft charges.

Breaking news: Finally: Chibok Abducted Girls Gains Freedom From Boko Haram

News filtering in and obtained by VIBES has revealed that an unknown number of the Chibok girls kidnapped by the extremist Boko Haram sect in April have been released, officials affirms.
A top military source said two Toyota Hiace buses loaded with the girls were driven into the Maimalari Barracks in Maiduguri this evening.

When contacted, Defence Spokesperson, Chris Olukolade, confirmed the development.

He said the exercise was still ongoing and that appropriate statement would be made soon.

Tonto Dikeh Reveals she can’t cook

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, does not want to be left out especially now that her house help is seeking admission into the tertiary institution.

She took to her social media page to disclose that she wants to learn how to prepare local dishes especially soup.

Tonto explained that of the local soups, she prefers Okoro soup more with fufu.

The actress noted that for her to learn the cooking, she wants to clear the stock of salads she had prepared to eat just to look good.

Displaying her Salad dish on her page, Tonto urged fans that they could eat whatever they wished just please themselves and necessarily her own way.

‘I don’t intend to marry any girl in the entertainment industry – Singer Praiz

Singer Praiz says marriage is not in the cards for him right now and said when he’s ready to settle down, it won’t be with any girl in the entertainment industry..

“I don’t intend to marry anyone in the industry. I want my love life to be different from what you see on the screen” he said
“Marriage is not something one just rushes into. I can’t say because everyone is getting married, I should now rush into marriage. It’s a deal forever. Basically, I am just focused on my musical career” he said

Speaking on his kind of woman, Praiz says women who like to work turn him on

“I like my woman to be ambitious. I like a lady who likes to work. It turns me on. I like a woman who would give me that challenge, she must be a good dresser. I like a lady who is obedient, humble and patient with me whether she is right or wrong. Obviously she has t be physically attractive” he said

‘I don’t bleach, what I have is sun burn’- actress Ayo

Actress Ayo Adesanya says contrary to popular reports, says she doesn’t bleach her skin. In an interview published on Punch today, Ayo said what she has is sun burns which most people confuse for skin bleaching .

“No I do not bleach my skin. When you see somebody that bleaches, you will know. I have sun burns and it is not a hidden thing. I have tried a lot of things to make it fade away but it has refused and I have come to terms with it. I would never bleach my skin, a lot of people get confused about it but I don’t get bothered. I don’t owe anybody an explanation but when you meet me in person, you can always make up your mind”

What does she think of bleaching?

“Some people are naturally fair and the weather in Nigeria is terrible, it is just recently that we have been experiencing cool weather. The sun is usually very hot and it is bad for the skin. For someone like me, a lot of people are usually confused when they see my picture. They are quick to assume things and they do not know me personally. When you see people in pictures, don’t be too quick to judge, do you know how many lights are focused on the person while taking the picture? Because of the weather in this country, there are some lotions people use to enhance their skin and make it softer. There are some lotions that are not harmful but people have some misconception. The weather is very bad and it can affect one’s skin if care is not taken. I have friends that are fair in complexion and I know what they go through to maintain their complexion. If you do not maintain it, it would appear as if your skin is dirty. I don’t believe people should bleach personally.” she said

List of Male Celebs Kim Kardashian Has Slept With

What people do in the comfort of their bedroom is their business and should be nobody’s concern but you lose that privilege the moment you are a celebrity.

Already at the age of 31, Kim has had a veritable revolving door of men in her life, and has an extensive history of cheating on the men with whom she is involved.

Below is a list of the male celebrities that Kim has been busy with since 1994:

TJ Jackson (1994-1998)

Damon Thomas (2000-2004)

Julian St. Jox (2001 during her marriage to Damon)

Ray J (2002-2003 + they made a Compromising Video and it was during her marriage to Damon)

Nick Lachey (2006)

Nick Cannon (September 2006- January 2007)

Reggie Bush (2006 during her relationship with Ray J)

Fonzworth Bentley (2006-February 2007)

Evan Ross (May 2007)

Christiano Ronaldo (April 2010)

Shengo Deane (April 2010)

Miles Austin (June 2010)

Michael Copon (October 2010)

Jon Mayer (October 2010)

Gabriel Aubrey (November 2010)

Kris Humphries (2010-2013)

Kanye West (2007-present), had a thing with him on and off during her time with Reggie and Kris) The list doesn’t just end there, the likes of 50cent, The Game, Brett Lockett, Scot Storch are included but with no specific dates.

If this list which was released on an urban site is true then it has put to rest that Ray J didn’t hit it first. I can only wonder how many non-celebrities will be on the list if that is to be compiled as well.

By the way, do you think this list will end with Kanye West?