Homeless Man Arrested For Threatening Rihanna

A man has been arrested after trespassing on Rihanna’s property and leaving aggressive messages for her.

Many celebrities deal with crazed fans, but Rihanna seems to attract the home invading variety. Last year, a man was arrested for snooping around the singer’s home in the Pacific Palisades, and this week, yet another guy was taken in when he repeatedly left threatening notes for Rihanna at her house in California.

A homeless man named Kevin Mcglynn was caught on RiRi’s premises on three separate occasions this month, thanks to the pop star’s surveillance cameras. Each time he reportedly left letters that referred to her as a “bitch”, and suggested that he would break into her mansion. This was on top of the 4 letters he sent via snail mail.

On his final visit, Mcglynn also left his benefits card, which allowed authorities to zero in on him. He has since been arrested, and is being held without bail. He is reported to have multiple other trespassing offenses on his record.

Mcglynn stated in court that Rihanna (as well as Jay Z and Kanye West) had stolen his “material”


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