This Woman Spent Over £20,000 Trying To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Should we call this inferiority complex or too much money to waste? Claire Leeson has spent almost £20,000 in a bid to look like her heroine, reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Undergoing a vast array of cosmetic procedures and even wearing pants enhanced with silicone to replicated Kim’s famous derriere, Claire Leeson said she transformed her life after watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2009.

Claire, who spends £4,500 on her hair extensions alone, says the drastic steps she has taken to appear more like the Kim, 33, are an attempt to gain self-confidence after being severely bullied in her childhood.

Cost of Claire’s transformation

Breast implants: £5000

Teeth whitening: £2,500

Hair extensions: £4,500

Make-up: £1,000

Spray tans: £1,000

Nails: £500

Bum padding: £350

Shoes and clothes: £3,150


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