Article: Adedeji Sinmiloluwa: Mrs Aina

Mrs Aina was sitting in her room when her phone rang. hello!!!?she shouted when she heard the vibration in the voice of the caller…it was her former security man Ben who had called from a far away village!”madam join us to pray,the terrorist are disturbing our peace and have taken over our farm”,…..Mrs Aina replied “I will surely pray,all is well,God will answer our prayers,let us go on 7days fasting together”…mrs aina promised Ben she would join him in prayer.As she ended the call,she thought to herself “that village is not safe at all,thank God security is active here”…she refused to pray because it was a “village” and meant nothing to her….the next day,there was a breaking news all over,as the terrorist had broken into the town the city,,mrs aina heard the news from her office and hurriedly called her whole family to know if they were fine,finally she relaxed when she heard soldiers were all over “we are covered here” she said to herself without sympathy for those that lost their lives in other villages….7days later,mrs aina got to work,everyone was doing their various chores,mrs aina sat in her office with her normal positioned legs on table,phone in the hand,its called the ceo position….then the office vibrated,shouts everywhere,mrs aina left her office,on getting to the gate,,they heard a loud sound that threw everyone to different positions..what happened???…..the office closeby was bombed…emergency!!!!,

 About the Writer

Adedejin Sinmiloluwa is a
final year law student at the
University of Abuja , Nigeria.


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