Photos: Soldiers on rampage in Palmgrove, damage BRT buses


Some soldiers are currently causing chaos in the Palmgroove area of Lagos. An eye-witness said trouble started when a BRT bus hit a soldier on a bike. Nobody knows if the soldier died (though there are indications that he may have been crushed to death) but other soldiers immediately arrived the scene and started stopping all BRT buses on Ikorodu road beating drivers and sending passengers out. Beating even passers-by who move too close to them or take pictures.

According the eye-witness who sent in the photos, two civilians were allegedly beaten up and a guy who was taking pictures was beaten and his phone smashed on the express road.

Then the soldiers allegedly started vandalizing the buses! According to the source, some soldiers left the express and took big sticks from women cooking by the roadside to break the windows of the buses. Then one of them took stones and allegedly threw it into the crowd twice. Now the whole express is blocked. See more exclusive photos from the chaos after the cut…




So it’s been confirmed that a BRT bus killed a soldier at Palmgrove bus stop in Palmgrove, Lagos this morning, which caused the soldier rampage.

The BRT driver who hit the soldier ran into Palmgrove estate in order to avoid the wrath of other soldiers present. Upon noticing that the driver ran away, the Army men ran into Palmgrove estate and when they couldn’t find the driver, seized one of the Estate’s security men. (pictured above)

According to eye-witnesses, the soldiers beat the man mercilessly and took him away.

He was released hours later badly beaten and traumatized. He had nothing to do with the incident but paid for it. Sad! Heard they even burnt down a BRT bus. Is their anger justified?

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