Female Rappers Are Not Appreciated in Nigeria-kel




Remember Kel, the rapper who thrilled us with hits like ‘wa wa alright’ and ‘you too fine’?. In this chat with Punch, she talks about her hiatus from the music scene.
Read excerpts below..

On her deliberate hiatus

“I am working on other projects which are all entertainment related. Although I haven’t recorded any new song lately, I am working to release a come-back album before the year runs out. I have only stepped aside to take care of my education and to sort out pending issues with my former records label. I want to work on my music and myself, physically and mentally. But I am still in touch with the Nigerian music scene. Also, I am a brand ambassador for SOULMATE Industries.”

On her imminent return to the music scene

“When I eventually return to the music scene, those who appreciate my kind of music will still embrace it. Yes, the industry has changed. So have people’s motives and standard for music changed. Some people have come out with very amazing music that people are accepting these days and others have also come out with very ridiculous and funny music. 

“Some people are also accepting the industry that has gone down in some areas. But in terms of international appeal, a lot of artistes have bridged that gap internationally, which is a good thing. Content wise, the music is depleted. Thankfully, people are getting tired of “club songs” with the same old beats and lyrics. Competition is something I don’t focus on. I have never done it and I never will.”
The fact that the rap music scene in Nigeria is being run by the male rappers, with a few female rappers slowly tagging along, is no longer news. Save for the likes of Eva, Sasha P, Muna and Weird MC-who are yet to hold their own competition-wise and a crop of underground acts, it is indeed a tough call for female rappers.

“Rap will always be a looked down upon as a music genre in Nigeria. The truth is that only two percent of the country’s population really appreciates rap music for what it is. Being a female rapper in Nigeria puts you under so much pressure, but I won’t be switching genres when I return. I just want to release my new album as a surprise. I am not signed on to any records label because I run my own label and won’t be signing on any artiste for now,” she said.

On maturity and what her absence has taught her

“I used to read what was written about me, become saddened and sometimes cry. But I have moved on. Now I read and laugh a lot, shake my head, and sometimes share jokes with friends. I have grown wiser and stronger and more comfortable and honest with who I am. Experience has taught me a lot and I have learnt that nobody will look out for you like you can.
“Right now, I will make music that is raw and real.. I miss performing on stage. Some people said I left because I was broke and started a family somewhere. But they are all wrong. I am dedicated to my work and music for now. I won’t be releasing a double album because that will be too much music at once. Nigerian artistes are doing well especially on the international level.”


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