What Do We Believe? “Nadia Buari Is A Bloody Liar And Greedy” – Cosmetic Company Reveals

Ghanaian Nollywood actress, Nadia Buari has been branded a big liar by the cosmetic company she reportedly refused to sign an endorsement deal for because, according to her, she found out that the cream she was meant to endorse, Avant Claire Grande, contained dangerous chemical used in bleaching.

According to authoritative Ghanaian entertainment site, Ghanacelebrities.com, the General Manager of Avant Claire Grande Afrique, Christopher Owen, has come out debunk Nadia’s claims of rejecting the $75,000 deal due to chemical as lies.

Instead, Owen said they company actually decided not to go ahead with the sexy actress since what they wanted to offer her was $60,000 but she insisted on $75,000.

Christopher is reported to have told a Ghanaian radio station in an interview:

My company offered the actress they chose out of many, a total sum of $60,000 which she turned down after Avant declined a $15,000 raise she and her management requested for during negotiations.

So saying she turned down the deal due to a chemical is false. She was only being greedy and wanted more money, so we had to pull out of the deal.

Does this mean that if Nadia had been given the $75,000, she would have signed the deal despite knowing the cream contained bleaching chemicals?


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