Kanye West Rants, Refuses To Rap Jay Z’s Name At Bonnaroo

Kanye West returned to Bonnaroo this
weekend, but he did not forget his prior experience with the festival.
Kanye West and Bonnaroo have a history. In 2008, Kanye had an infamously flawed set at the festival, going on hours late, and performing a severely shortened set. ‘Ye later put the festival organizers, and previous act Pearl Jam for the underwhelming performance, in a now immortalized rant that featured such choice quotes as “I’m typing so fucking
hard I might break my fucking Mac book Air!!!!!!!!”, and “I HAVE A FUCKING LIGHT SHOW DUMB ASS, IT’S NOT CALLED GLOW IN THE DARK FOR NO REASON SQUID BRAINS!”.

Nevertheless, Kanye returned to Bonnaroo this year, but he made sure to acknowledge the botched set at any point he could throughout his performance. “Last time before I got here they had ‘fuck Kanye’ on the port-a-potties. This time we’re going to piss on them,” he declared, before launching into a yelled refrain of “Where the press at? Fuck the press!”, at which point he was actually greeted with boos from the audience (a far cry from the unanimous cheers he garnered during every rant on his arena tour).

Another point worth noting, was his omission of Jay Z’s name in all songs that mention him, including “Cold”, “Blood On The Leaves”, and “Touch The Sky”. This is not actually the first time the rapper has done this (it also happened at his X-Games performance), but has made it clear that he is in fact leaving Jay’s name out on purpose. Some have speculated that it has something to do with Hov and Beyonce’s skipping ‘Ye’s wedding.


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