Female Nigerian singer steals Tuface’s voice and picture for her song

A female Singer by the name Ewa is in soup for stealing tuface’s voice for her song and also illegally putting his picture on her album art. Ewa, whose song soon became viral, has already admitted to an online publication that Tuface never feautured in her song and that his voice was manipulated into the song by her producer.

The news had already hit Tuface’s camp and below is a press statement they issued before Ewa admitted her wrong;

It has been brought to our attention that there is a song “Crazy Love” being circulated on the internet which was composed and sang by one Ewa and purportedly featuring 2Face.We wish to use this medium to categorically state that 2Face did not feature in any song composed and sang by any Ewa.

The song is an illegal manipulation and super-imposition on 2Face’s unreleased song titled “Could This Be Love”. This odious and fraudulent act is not only condemnable but also an assault to the integrity of the entertainment industry which thrives on creativity and hard work.

In particular, the act is an infringement of 2Face right under the Copyright Act Cap C28, LFN 2004 and we shall employ the full force of law to enforce the breach of his reproduction, publishing, performance, communication rights which have been breached.

TAKE NOTICE that any person who performs or caused to be performed the said infringing song shall also be guilty of infringement under the Copyright Act and we shall not hesitate to bring the full weight of law to bear on the person”, the statement read


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