I Have a Crush on Flavour :Actress Nazareth Jesse Bako

Kannywood actress (Northern actress), Nazareth Jesse Bako has said she has a crush on Flavour Nabania and she wouldn’t might dating him. She says she is single and presently waiting for the right man, but her
crush for Flavour is real. She also spoke about being a Kannywood actress and also in Nollywood and how she has acted in over 63 movies till date. Enjoy.

Don’t you think you have added advantage as
an Hausa actress to feature in both Nollywood
and Kannywood?

It is a privilege and I thank God for it; I will always be delightful working with them.

How many movies have you featured in so far?

I have featured in over 63 movies since I joined Nollywood professionally.

Tell us about the man in your life now?

I wouldn’t lie about my relationship. Presently I have no man in my life. My career is most imperative for now. Are you saying you don’t have a boyfriend? I don’t have a boyfriend but I am expecting him
to come along (laughter).

So you don’t have a lover?

Yes. I am looking for Flavour (more laughter).

Why Flavour among all the men in the world?

I have a crush on him. If he asks you for a relationship will you jump
at it? I just like his person but I don’t know him intimately. That is the only way I could know if he is my kind of man but from afar I like him.

How do you hope to have him with all the ladies around him?

I don’t know about all the other ladies around
him; I only know about my feelings for him…


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